Thursday, June 30, 2011

Week 1, sessions 1-3

Week one of the 13 week walk-to-run program involves 3 sessions of running for one minute and then walking for two minutes and then repeating several times.  Session one is 12 repeats for a total of 36 minutes, session 2 is 9 repeats for a total of 27 min ending with session 3 with 11 repeats for a total of 33 min.  I have little intention of posting once a week lumping they whole week of sessions into one post, but sometimes it happens.
     Session 1: 6/24/11 I went out for my first walk-run on a rather cool wet afternoon, around 60-something degrees.  Started out with a hoodie, but didn't wear that for very long.  The ground was wet so I wasn't able to fully stretch after my warm up of a brisk walk over from my house.  On the second repeat I had to stop at  30 seconds into the running to stretch the sides of my torso.  I believe it was a combination of lack of proper stretching an drinking too much water all at once.  The run wasn't too bad and I got back before dark.   I felt some pain in my knees at first but it sounded like something they described in The Canadian Book so i kept running and the pain went away soon after that.  
     The next day was not so great.  I was very sore in the front of my thighs and shins.   No real joint pain though, which is what I was worried about most.  I had intended on going on a bicycle ride for some cross training but I felt beat and had a head ache I believe resulted from being dehydrated and not having eaten enough.  I iced my legs a little that evening and took an ibuprofen for swelling.  
     Session 2: 6/26/11  My legs were still really very sore but I persevered and went running any way because I was supposed to.  I got to do more stretching this time, but then I saw a tick on the ground where I was sitting and freaked a little and just went running.  The run definitely started out worse than session 1, but ended much better.  At this point I was getting pretty nervous about the jump from 1 minute running this week to 2 minute next week.  The running was really feeling good, but I was still nervous.  This time after some cool own stretching when I got home I iced my legs well with 2 large bags of frozen green beans i purchased specifically for this purpose. (i should probably label them so they don't accidentally get eaten)  Before bed I took 2 ibuprofen and the next morning I was much less sore.  I took another ibuprofen before work the next morning, but didn't bother to take another later in the day.  That day I had planned to take a bicycle ride just as i had planned on 6/25, but again chose not to.  According to my reading it seemed to make sense not to do cross training until my muscles felt up to it.  At this point my legs were less sore, but still pretty darn sore. 
     Session 3: 6/28/11  This walk/run went very well but I started out a bit later than I should have.  on my walk over I ended up walking behind the guy who always gets written up in the police log in the paper for being called in on for smoking pot at the lake I have been training around.  It was rather unpleasant so I ran around to get in front of him.  The running portion went by much more quickly that previous sessions, and the walking portion went by much slower.  Both these things made me feel less nervous about next week's ump to 2 min running.  It was getting dark on my run so I went a little farther around the lake before doubling back in order to give myself an adequate cool down walk if I ended up calling some one to pick me up because it was too dark to walk home under the highway.   It turned out just like that.  I made an attempt at walking home but i got about 10 paces into the bridge under the highway when I thought I saw someone lighting a cigarette or something on the other side.  At that point I turned on the spot and called my mum to come and pick me up.  I then went over to the well lit flag pole by the lake, across from the doughnut shop all the bikers hang out at to show off their motorcycles. I didn't ask for it, but they all seemed like they would have been pretty helpful had the situation demanded it.  I think I am going to have to get some pepper spray.  That evening I did some more icicng and took another ibuprofen.
     The next morning I felt very little soreness.  I was able to go on a 10+ mile bicycle ride this evening and noticed already an improvement in my self.  My endurance was much higher as I was able to make 3 hills I had walk on the shorter bicycle ride I took on the 23rd, the day before I started the walk-to-run program.  The only hill I was not able to make and had to walk was my own fault as I had got it into my mind that I was not going to be able to make it.  I will make it next time!  The other thing I noticed was that I must be better hydrated than the last time as I didn't need to drink from my water bottle as often.  I got some cheering on from a group of people chilling on their front lawn and that was nice.  I would like to give a shout-out to the nice man in the pick up truck who stopped to see if I needed help when I was having a bicycle issue.  That actually made my day a lot better because some other guy was very rude to me at work that day.
     Thursday is the official rest day.  I am not supposed to walk/run or do any cross training one day a week.  Its seems sensible to me to rest the last day before the next week begins becasue the longest session tends to be the 1st one of the week.  Back to running on Friday and we will see how the change to 2 minutes running goes.
Keep Running!

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