Monday, February 27, 2012

Long runs here I come!

   Today was my 1st official long run in a long while.  I have done long runs previously, but they were part of an absolute beginner 5k program and weren't much longer than the short runs.  The training plan started that I was to do 4 miles of the walk/run intervals and I ended up doing 4.25 miles in about 1:05.  Longer is better as long as I avoid overdoing it to the point of injury or that sort of thing.  I may have actually ran a tad farther than 4.25 miles, as my run keeper app, though fantastic, cant accurately judge when I turn around and backtrack  unless i do it exactly as the app is determining my gps location, but that is true of all gps trackers really.  My pace was ok, average of 15:22 min/mi not fantastic but 1 second better than my last much shorter run.  That might be saying something.  I think I overdressed a bit for the run, and thats something I need to work on.  I think I am just used to being warm inside all winter.
     I am thinking of signing up for a local 5k on the 18th of March.  Its Irish themed, so that should make for a pretty cool tee shirt and finishers medal.  I have to be sure that I am not working that morning before I sign up, but with luck I should be running it.  There is another even more local 5k on April 1st, but it falls the day after my birthday party and well, I may not be in good running form.  I Hope to get in a few good 5k by early spring.  I guess we will have to see what happens.

Just keep Running!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Short and Windy.

    I took a very short run yesterday.  Only a tiny bit over 2 miles.  I only had enough time to run just my training run, so that is all I did.  I normally like to complete the loop at the least, but I had to get to work.  the whole run went pretty well, even though it was exceptionally windy.  One point during the run it was windy to the point that I was having difficultly breathing.  I found it very strange.   The 1st 3rd of the run I had the wind at my back, however the remainder of the run, including the non-windy half of the lake, I was running into the wind.  Slowed me down a bit actually.  Over all it went quite well until the end of the run when my iPhone started shutting down every time I touched it.  I started freaking out a little, I was nervous that it was dead and I would have to purchase a new one.  I plan on buying the 5 when it comes out, so I am not too keen on buying the 4s before that.
     Today marked the 2012 Disney Princess half marathon at Walt Disney World Resort.  I hope everyone who participated enjoyed them self.  A non-runner friend of mine is actually down there with some friends of his that ran the race today.  I looked up their results and it looks like they finished!  I cannot wait until next year when that is me!

Just keep running!

Friday, February 24, 2012

and there be running

     After that strangely short declaration the other day I did in fact go out and run.  Nothing to write home about, but I got up and and I ran a 5k distance.  I also ran yesterday.  Another lake loop, which is exactly a 5k I have been lead to believe by both the published distances, the weekly 5k fun run (in which I have never participated) and what my runkeeper app on my phone tell me.  My average pace was 16min/mile on the nose, which is pretty darn slow, but also the exact minimum speed for my race next year.  I am more than sure that i will have no problem quickening my pace over the course of 12 months.  At this point my walk run intervals are a bit shorter on the running than I was capable last October, but I am positive I can both regain and surpass what I was doing before my unfortunate break from running.

     My unfortunate break from running was the result of hurricane Irene postponing my 1st race ever, the  Memphis soul BBQ 5k run (ran in Sommerville MA, not Memphis TN), an unfortunate 1st day in Washington DC and then "I do not have a job" depression.  The 5k was postponed until the 16th of October and it went really well.  I set a PR of approximately 00:41:40, according to my Runkeeper app, the race was chipped, but I never got the email they were supposed to send me, so I am using the time on my iPhone.  I got a nifty tee-shirt and a nifty medal (I'll post a picture later) and got myself some frozen yogurt.  About a week later I went on a DC trip with my parents (they like to take me on vacation and I adore the Smithsonian) And I was super jazzed about running around the national mall and then the 1st full day we were there I wore my shoe inserts that I had not really been wearing much since I started running and well, apparently my running shoes fixed my foot problems and the inserts did their best to mess with the muscles in my lower leg.  Simply walking was quite painful and running was out the the question for the rest of the trip.  I was disappointed beyond reason.  That helped fuel the  "I do not have a job" depression that followed.  Upon getting 2 part time jobs at the VERY END of November, I was less depressed but working a 60 hr week, leaving zero time for running.  I was lucky I had time for eating, never mind running.   Then came January and and a no more than 40hr work week and I finally had some time so I tried to run.  It went very very poorly.  My cool weather running attire was not 100%.  though everything was the correct size, my shirt rode up and my pants rode down more than a little bit.  I had also picked a day that the wind around the lake was insane and alone with a few other things all went to running hell.  I altered my running clothes to work properly and also grabbed over $100 in outer wear running gear at Kohl's for $65 (can we say wind breaker?) I finally got to go for a successful run.  it went alright and my time was okay all things considered.  I just should have brought my gloves.  Wednesday I started what is a 6 month half marathon for beginners.  I started a few weeks in to the program because that is where I am at running wise.  I do not have any plans for running any half marathons in 6 months, but I want to get to the point where I could run a half way ahead of my race.  I plan to then taper down and then continue training.  I plan to do a few 10k races maybe a 10 miler depending on what is available and what I am able to race in order to get a good pace time for the half next year.   Maybe in 2014 I will do the Disney marathon, but one race at a time.  
     I did not get to run today as it is pouring out, but I can get in a run tomorrow between jobs and then my long run in on Monday.  Weather channel app tells me it may be windy tomorrow, but otherwise clear through Monday.

Here is to hoping I do not fall off my training bandwagon in my 1st week!

Just keep running!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Declaration of running!!

This is a very quick declaration of running!  I have not REALLY ran since October 16th.  And i am about to do it now! I feel like I need to tell some one that so i will actually go out and do this.  Wish me luck all!  when i get back I will regale you with my failed running attempts over the last few months.

-I am out!