Monday, February 27, 2012

Long runs here I come!

   Today was my 1st official long run in a long while.  I have done long runs previously, but they were part of an absolute beginner 5k program and weren't much longer than the short runs.  The training plan started that I was to do 4 miles of the walk/run intervals and I ended up doing 4.25 miles in about 1:05.  Longer is better as long as I avoid overdoing it to the point of injury or that sort of thing.  I may have actually ran a tad farther than 4.25 miles, as my run keeper app, though fantastic, cant accurately judge when I turn around and backtrack  unless i do it exactly as the app is determining my gps location, but that is true of all gps trackers really.  My pace was ok, average of 15:22 min/mi not fantastic but 1 second better than my last much shorter run.  That might be saying something.  I think I overdressed a bit for the run, and thats something I need to work on.  I think I am just used to being warm inside all winter.
     I am thinking of signing up for a local 5k on the 18th of March.  Its Irish themed, so that should make for a pretty cool tee shirt and finishers medal.  I have to be sure that I am not working that morning before I sign up, but with luck I should be running it.  There is another even more local 5k on April 1st, but it falls the day after my birthday party and well, I may not be in good running form.  I Hope to get in a few good 5k by early spring.  I guess we will have to see what happens.

Just keep Running!

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