Sunday, February 26, 2012

Short and Windy.

    I took a very short run yesterday.  Only a tiny bit over 2 miles.  I only had enough time to run just my training run, so that is all I did.  I normally like to complete the loop at the least, but I had to get to work.  the whole run went pretty well, even though it was exceptionally windy.  One point during the run it was windy to the point that I was having difficultly breathing.  I found it very strange.   The 1st 3rd of the run I had the wind at my back, however the remainder of the run, including the non-windy half of the lake, I was running into the wind.  Slowed me down a bit actually.  Over all it went quite well until the end of the run when my iPhone started shutting down every time I touched it.  I started freaking out a little, I was nervous that it was dead and I would have to purchase a new one.  I plan on buying the 5 when it comes out, so I am not too keen on buying the 4s before that.
     Today marked the 2012 Disney Princess half marathon at Walt Disney World Resort.  I hope everyone who participated enjoyed them self.  A non-runner friend of mine is actually down there with some friends of his that ran the race today.  I looked up their results and it looks like they finished!  I cannot wait until next year when that is me!

Just keep running!

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