Monday, July 23, 2012

running crazy!

     Running crazy! Well not really, but when I got up to go running this morning it kinda started running.  It continued to rain as I left to go running and got slowly worse as the run went along.  It did not really start coming down until I was back at my jeep stretching against the spare tire on the back.  One of my parents made a "crazy" comment for running in the rain, so thats where that came from.
     It was actually my best time yet. 41:10 for 3.19 miles. (roughly a 5k) which was an average pace of 12:54. not super fast, but faster.  I am getting there.  My run keeper app sadly had a brain fart and some how recorded the distance at 2.76 miles so it skewed my results read out, but it correctly recorded the time, so I was able to work with that.
      So over all great run, and I had my new running clothes on so I looked cute too!

Just keep running!

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