Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Compression tights, how do I love the? let me count the ways...

     Week 2: session 2, run 1 minute, walk 2 minutes repeat 10 times.  This walk/run was the inaugural run with the new running gear, and I have to say that I love compression tights.  Seriously, I probably have very little in the way of 'business wearing them' but that's not going to stop me.  I am just guessing here, but I think that the compression aspect is good for my knees.  It was over 80 degrees out while I ran and even though I know I was very sweaty, I didn't feel like they were plastered to me. (even though they were)  I felt probably as cool as a person running in 80+ degree weather with humidity to the point that it's raining just enough to be annoying but not enough to actually be cooling could feel.  The new top I wore was also very comfortable.  It is a racer back tank and now I do not think I will be going back to sleeves until the cold of the New England fall/winter forces me to.
     It was an interesting walk/run.  Tomorrow there is a 4th of July parade and the parade route is the 2nd half of my run.  Everyone was already putting out chairs and what not to save their spots.  Dodging lawn chairs was not too bad, but it gave me something interesting to do on the walking portions and agility training on the running portions.  Once I got past the maze of lawn furniture I was finished with my training session but i still had about 1/3 of my loop left, so I added 4 or 5 more reps purely to get home faster so I could eat dinner.  The run itself was pretty easy, being a short day.
     Week 2: session 3.  run 2 minutes, walk 2 minutes , repeat 10 times.  This session wasn't bad once I actually got to run it,  it just took me 3 trys.  The 1st attempt (Tuesday) did not happen because I was feeling completely awful both physically and mentally.  I was a total head case this week and I fully admit it.  Attempt #2 (Wednesday) also did not happen.  It was really hot and humid so I was planing on going for the run once it cooled down and got darker out.  A thunder and lightning storm then decided to show its head, so again a no-go.  I was also still being a total head case at this point as well.  Attempt #3 (Thursday) went well but I was a bit stiff in the knees and my left hip, and the compression tights were still awesome.
     Week 3: session 1 (I've made it to week 3!  Wicked exciting!)  Run 3 minutes, walk 2 minutes, repeat 10 times. (Friday)  So running on Thursday definitely affected my long run on Friday.  I do my long runs Friday because its my day off from work so I have the most free time that day.  At this point in time its not a big deal, but i know as the program goes along the long runs get much longer and take considerably more time.  It seems to make sense that I pre-plan for that eventuality.  The running program I am following is quite specific about not running 2 sessions 2 days in a row, and while I understand why, and know better, I did it any way.  My knees totally hated me for it and decided to let me know all throughout the session, and earlier that day, and later that day an the next day, also the day after that.  While by Monday the 11th my knees were merely irritated with me, they seem to have cooled off by today.
     Week 3: session 2 Run went well, nothing much else to say.
     Horribly boring post I know, I have really got to work on making these more interesting.  I suppose the moral of today's blog post is 1: compression tights are wicked awesome, and 2: there is a reason that beginner programs tell you not to do 2 sessions in a row.
Just Keep Running!

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