Friday, July 1, 2011

Not going to lie, today wasn't easy.

     Today was the 1st session of week, which means 2 min running followed by 2 min walking, repeated 11 times for a total of 44 min not including the warm up and cool down.  Today's training came very close to just not happening today.  Everyone has one of those days now and again when everything is going fine and then something small pointless just destroys the day for you.  Today was one of those days.  Today is my one day a week off from work, so I  generally plan a lot of things for Fridays.  At this point i cant even remember everything i had planned for the day, but on the top of the list was going for my walk run session.  I slept in this morning,  it tends to happen on Fridays.  I got up a little late,  made myself a lovely omelet and then started to hydrate for my run.  Now this is going to sound really stupid, but someone made a stupid comment to me on facebook and that was it,  I was pissed off for most of the rest of the day.  This probably happened around 11:30am, already behind my planed time frame for starting my walk/run because i slept in.  With my mood less than pleasant I did not get around to actually running until about 2:00pm.  Once I had made my way over to the lake I walk around I then began to really hate the town officials who put the 'okay' on demolishing the restrooms they built for the lake patrons less than 6 months after constructing them because they blocked the view of the lake from the traffic coming out of the rotary. (or traffic circle or round-a-bout depending on where you hail from) I then had to walk back to the gas station I pass on my way to the lake to take care of business.  Upon returning to the lake I partook in a little more stretching and then started my walk/run session.
     The 1st 2 repetitions of running went pretty good but my mood made everything harder after that.  I also generally run quite a bit later in the day when it is cooler, so the heat and sun also did not help me much.  The remainder of the 1st half of the session I just wanted to stop running, the 2nd half I wanted to stop, sit down and cry.  I never did stop.  I kept going and ran every time I was suppose to run and walked with out stopping the rest of the time.  I was considerably slower the farther into the session I got, but I got through it, and that's what really matters.  Its was most certainly a personal victory today for me.
     I learned a few things on today's walk/run though.  The first thing being that I should always secure my hair properly.  I have very long curly hair to my waist and I generally secure it in a braid of some kind when i go running or do another physical activity.  Today I just wore it in a pony tail, and it was like I was wearing a sweater on my back for 75% of today's session.  In this heat I also understand why runners spend the extra money for clothing made from moisture wicking fabrics.  Cotton tee shirts are absorbent, but not very cool when wet.  I wear some sort of spandex like fabric pants I bought years ago that I am sure do not wick moisture.  I am going to have to start looking for more efficient running clothing, something with pockets for my iPhone.
    Today, both when I was running and walking my face felt like it was shrinking.  As if the outer skin layers were drying up and getting tight.  It was a very strange sensation.  My facial skin was fine, and I also checked my face out when I returned home and found nothing out of the ordinary.  I wear sunblock so I don't think I was getting a burn.  I hope I do not wake up tomorrow with a sunburn.  I also noticed my left hip this session.  For a few years now my left hip has often been stiff when I rise from sitting or laying stationary for a length of time.  It does not feel like a joint problem, more like a tendon or under-used muscle.  Since I have started the walk-to-run program I have not had that stiffness, thought I have been more aware of the tendon/muscle while running. Today it was especially noticeable. Unless it starts to really hurt or return to being stiff all the time, I have decided not to worry to much about it, but just keep an eye on it.
    Upon returning home I was able to go for a 45min float in my tiny little pool.  (it is super tiny, but it gets the job done)  Fully finishing my walk-to-run session improved my mood but the time alone in my back yard (save for the neighbor's puppy dog making a short visit to say hello and beg for a treat) floating around really took the edge off of today.
     I ended up taking a regular walk totaling in 2.75 miles with my parents to a local restaurant for dinner. If I had my choice I would not have chosen to walk, because my muscles were already tired enough.  I am actually icing my feet as I type this due to their soreness.  My feet were fine after my walk/run, but the 2nd walk did them in.  No blisters though.  I am very specifically trying to avoid blisters.  I know they are bound to happen, but I can try to keep them at bay.  I got very good at treating blisters and other foot wounds from my background in competitive ballroom dance, and while I am not running in 3 inch heels, I just know there will be blisters among probable other wounds at some point during this training program.
    Tomorrow I plan to cross train, undecided what activity though.  I also have plans to start looking for some running clothes that do a little more for me than just cover my body.
Here's hoping my feet do not remain sore tomorrow!
Just Keep Running!

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