Friday, July 15, 2011

Weird week of runs...

     This was a off week for me.  I ran and got everything done, but it was a strange week.
Week 3 session 2 taking place on Monday instead of Sunday confused my week. and session 3 was as close to a disaster as could be at this point.
   Week 3 session 3, run 3 minutes, walk 2 minutes repeat 9 times.   So the actual running was fine, however a strange turn came when I suddenly had to use the ladies room.  A few weeks ago around the 4th of July there were several port-a-potties by the playground I pass running.  Now there was only one.  Now I must say that there is really no point in having them there at all if they are going to be constantly pad locked (I checked with a town employee, it is always locked).  I am not going into detail as to what I did upon determining the locked state of the portable bathroom, but I am sure eventually I will look back on this and laugh one day.   Needless to say, this event messed with my run.  I finished it, but it wasn't very pleasant a run.  I really must find a better hydration schedule.
     Week 4: session 1, run 3 minutes, walk 2, repeat 8 times.   Today's run was not terrible, just not great.  I had planned to try out running in the morning, but when I woke up at 6, and then 6:30 am I decided that it was cold and I was still tired and made the choice to stay in bed longer.  Ended up going on my run later around 5:30pm.  It went mostly well, but I was dragging the entire time.  I know the reason for this is that I went to the movies today and saw the new Harry Potter.  I also had nachos for a snack, and not much else to eat today.  This is VERY poor fuel for running.  I don't recommend it.  My running tights seem to be getting looser, which means I am ether loosing weight or wearing them too often and they are loosing elasticity.  I think it is the former rather than the later, but one never knows.
     Keep running!

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