Thursday, July 21, 2011

a week of rest.

    This week, starting last Friday, is a 'Recovery week' and it was quite pleasant.  Week 4 session 2 was run 3 minutes walk 2 minutes, repeat 7 times, followed by session 3 which was run 2 minutes walk 3 minutes, repeat 7 times.  (crazy i know!)  I guess I will not really understand how much a recovery week affects your running until tomorrow when I start week 5.  Any one watching a weather map would notice that New England is going through a bit of a heat wave, and from what the weather man on channel 4 (I usually watch channel 7 though) tomorrow, Friday is supposed to hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  I will again be attempting an early morning run meaning that I really do have to hit the hay super early tonight.  I am hoping that my run will be early enough that it wont be quite sweltering yet.  Having never ran in the morning, I have no idea how this is going to go.  I know your suppose to eat about 4 hours before you run, and hydrate about 2 hours before in order to be properly fueled and hopefully not have to use the ladies room. (which does not exist!)  If I get up at 6am and head out at 6:30am, the fueling timing does not exactly jive.  I am hydrating as we speak, in hopes that it works out.  I plan to down some clif bloks in the morning before I run for fuel.  I can only hope for the best and that if all else fails my trusty compression tights will pull me through.
     This past week, during my 'recovery' I really started to focus on what I am currently aware of as my 'running issues.'  I have determined 2 things I need to work on. 1. I run with my toes out a little some of the time. And 2. I have pacing issues.   I was actually informed of my stride problem by the nice woman who fit me for my running shoes.  It has been only the last few weeks that I have been really paying attention to it.  For all I know, I am completely messing myself up, but I have been focusing on walking and running with my feet straight.  At first it felt strange as if I were running with my toes turned in, but now it no longer feels that dramatic.  I think my turn out has a lot to do with my background in ballroom dancing.  Generally standing and moving in heels is much more stable with a turn out.  As for my pacing issue, I tend to fluctuate a bit too much.  Some times I start out way too fast, others I try to start slower and then speed up too much on the next repetition.  It wares one out.  In working on keeping a steady even pace I stumbled across my perfect pace (for the moment) and then found a meter for it.  I was running and found myself in this lovely pace and then Abba's Waterloo (in Swedish) came up on my iPhone.  The beat is exactly a perfect pace for me and if I am having pace difficulties I can just Que up this song and match the beat.  I am hoping that will help with my pacing.
     Well, I am off to have a slice of bread with some skippy (super chunk) and then off to bed.
Just Keep Running!

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