Saturday, July 2, 2011

I totally fell off my bicycle

     Today being a cross training day, I took a bicycle ride.  I am glad to report that I made all hills, including the one that I failed at the other day.  It was me or that hill, and I wasn't going to let the hill win.  I continued on my ride, happy with myself for taking that hill.  About 2/3 of the way through my planned course I was entering a busy intersection and thought it best to get onto the side walk.  The side walk had one one those slowly increasing curbs, and in an attempt to get onto the side walk, the curb won and I went down.  All the way down and completely off the bicycle.  The Bicycle was fine, only an abrasion on the wire basket.  I on the other hand suffered a few more lacerations, but not too bad.  A few abrasions on my right leg, a shallow cut on the underside of my right forearm an then the weird cut/bruise on my right front shoulder.  I have no idea how I got the one on my shoulder.  I landed on the back of my right shoulder so it makes no sense.  I know I could have gotten off much worse were it not for my years of practice falling, and therefore my knowledge of how to fall properly for the least amount of damage.  (I do not exactly have the best balance all the time)  After my fall I simply got back up, assured the passing mini van that I was fine, brushed myself off and finished my ride minus the lake loop I had been debating before the fall.  It was less the fall and more that my bicycle was making an irritating squeak that I chose to cut the lake section of my ride.  The rest of the ride was very un-eventful.
     After returning home I headed over to Sports Authority because they were suppose to have a sale on some running tops and as I said in a previous post, I need some proper and properly fitting running clothing.  I did end up with one of the advertised shirts, but being the last day of the promotion the sizing was a bit sparse.  I also found another shirt on markdown and the crown jewel of the shopping trip: Purple Nike compression capris!  What can I say, the spandex like fabric is comfortable and awesome for running.  Much lower chance of chafing.  The tops were champion, and work well with the pants.  I feel like people starting to exercise always dress quite drab and boring.  If you are going to have workout clothing, you should at least like them.  Just my thoughts on the matter.
Just keep Running!

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